Professional catering technology

One step beyond simple project management.
Custom-made solutions in catering establishments.

The Teco-Gastro is an all-round planning and constructing company established by Andreas Gauland in 2002 with the aim to assist owners of catering establishments from as early as the planning phase. To this end, we heavily rely on the 3D-CAD system, with which we can provide assistance to fellow designer teams participating in the same project. The firm was among the first to be able to present 3 dimensional drawings of its ideas to its customers.

Our chief motivation is our customer’s satisfaction.

Philosophy and services

We strive to perfect our skills in planning catering establishments which go beyond conventional solutions. Our goal is to design an optimal layout of the catering premises. We seek innovative solutions that comply with our customers’ requirements to the greatest possible extent. Thorough planning and impartial advice ensure that our customers make the most of their money at the least cost. Overseeing all phases of the construction, our company sees to a seamless realization of your project.